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×Name× : nicole
×Age× : eighteen
×Location× : blackwood, new jersey
×Favorite Bands [Atleast 5]× : jimmy eat world, greenday, new found glory, yellowcard, dashboard, & evanescence.
×Promote us to one person [Provide link]× :click.
×Pictures [Atleast 3]× :

i'm the one in the pink.

just for the record, the big black thing on my face, is my monroe piercing...( made to look like the beauty mark maryiln monroe had..) i have a smaller ball on now, but when you get it pierced, they have to use this big hunk of metal. so it kind of looks like a mole, but it's not.

---- edit ----
i totally suck and advertised where i shouldnt have. soooo the picture with link will be in my own journal. i hope thats ok?

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I like all of your bands (i'm not one of those scene kids who listen to obscure underground or relativly unknown stuff..i like pop culture..i embrace it)

I like your name :) its my middle name

You're pretty, and your eyes are beautiful.

Your monroe is nice..I love them, but i am too much of a wuss to get one..

ok, well, I like everything about you..LOL. really..even the striped shirt under the pink shirt in the 3rd picture (i layer like crazy) :)

so. yes.
-Bands (except green day)
+ pictures.
eh, it's nice to see new people.